We are an Argentine capital company dedicated to providing air services and solutions, whose most valuable asset is to provide maximum security to our customers in all our air services and operations.


Whether for a work or pleasure trip, the passenger deserves to reach their national or international destination in a safe, fast and comfortable way. For this reason we put our fleet of planes so you only have to decide where you want to fly.
Service features:

. Selection of the aircraft that meets your need.
. Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
. International and domestic flights.
. Integral attention to passengers.
. Absolute confidentiality.
. Service on board.


Executive FLIGHTS

American Jet is the leading company when it comes to providing corporate flight services to clients such as YPF, Chevron and Gold Corp, Sancor, Exxon among others, who guarantee our trajectory. We transfer personnel for various clients in the oil, gas and mining fields, among others.

Sanitary FLIGHTS

A very important part of American Jet's service is being available in a national or international medical emergency, which is why our fleet is technically prepared to serve as an air ambulance. American Jet has ON CALL service - 24 hour service for flights and sanitary evacuations.

Aereal Work

American Jet has national qualifications for any type of task in which an air means is required.
Some of them are:

. Lifting loads with helicopters.
.Support with off-shore operations helicopters.
.Operations of mountain. Inspection / monitoring of high voltage lines and fuel pipelines with airplanes and helicopters.
.Photography from the air.
.Flight or bulk cargo flights of various dimensions. Dangerous goods, which carry a special treatment.
.Analysis, planning and operation of regular cargo flights.
.Flights for transfer of mail, newspapers and values, among others.
.Air transfer of equipment for shows.
.Availability of aircraft for large cargo.


Hangar, maintenance, operation and comprehensive service of aircraft and
crew. Advice for construction, audit and track maintenance.

FBO Aircraft groundhandling

. Comprehensive attention of aircraft, according to the need of each one in different airports inside and outside the country.
. Assistance to passengers and crew, additional services, transfers, hotel reservations. Concierge service Aeronautical catering Hangar. Processing of flight permits and overflight.
. Flight plans
. Meteorology
. Luggage
. Administration
. Ramp
. Fuel
. Landing fees
. Migrations
. Cleaning
. Catering
. Special Insurance