About us

Our history

American Jet S.A, a company founded in 1984, began operations as an air taxi. Today it continues to offer that service nationally and internationally with bases at Jorge Newbery Airfield, San Fernando, Neuquén and Mendoza. Currently, American Jet has achieved a considerably broad operational development by offering corporate flights, charter with sports delegations, events, groups and mostly for the transfer of personnel from oil and mining companies.

Charter flights

Transfer of personnel for various clients to oil fields, gas and mining. Sports delegations, events and embassies.

Executive Flights

For work or pleasure, we offer domestic and international flights with small, medium and large-sized executive aircraft.

Sanitary flights

American Jet has ON CALL service - 24 hour service for flights and sanitary evacuations.

Aviation support

Hangar, administration, operation and attention of aircraft and crew. Construction and maintenance of track. Comprehensive advice in the aeronautical market, for the purchase and sale of aircraft.

Aerial work

Our 36-year career gives us the support to be the most qualified company to advise you.

Aircraft administration to third parties

We provide services of incorporation, administration, operation and maintenance of aircraft.
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