Settled in 1984 with argentinian capitals, American Jet first started as an air taxi company. During the 90´s it added fleet operations and passanger carriage for several companies, mostly oil and mining related, with air bases in Tucumán and Neuquén.


Our customers know that we fullfill every national and international standard in crew trainig, quality of service, security and mainteinance.

We are permanently audited by both national and international organisms.
Air services exploitation certificate number CRA-161
This certificate, granted by the argentinian air force enables American Jet to carry passengers, cargo and mail. We are the only argentinian company with license to fly big and small airplanes in regular an non-regular ways.
Foreign Air Carrier or Operator Nro. XJ6F57F

This certificate, granted by the Federal Aviation Administration, allows us to operate airplanes with U.S.A. registration, outside the United States of America.

Crew training: Flight Safety (U.S.A.) and Simtec (Germany)
To grant the eficiency and safety you and your company deserve in your transportation, we train our crew staff under the highest standards.


Be the safest and most reliable argentinian airline in the market.


Our values are the spinal cord of our company and have been with us for our 25 years of career; they all apply on the internal as well as on the external level and they help us at every moment to improve our quality of service.

· Honesty and openness: This is our key value because we know that no company can be successful without honesty and transparecy in all levels of action.

· Ethical behavior and responsibility: Our treat has always been based on respect because the customer is who comes to us with a special need, and that need will always be taken care of with the highest responsibility, certifying our quality standard.

· Understanding the customer: The customer is our number one priority and is who knows exactly what American Jet can do for him. He must be understood in order to offer him the best solution.

· Continual improvement: American Jet periodically checks and improves all of its processes, evolving at every moment as a company and assuring our customers the best of services

· Innovation: Besides continually improving internal aspects, American Jet firmly believes that innovation is an esential factor in all areas. Whether it is for processes optimization or for creating a new product if a request cannot be fulfilled within our current wide range of services.